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If you’ve been anywhere near a television, radio, newspaper or computer in the past few weeks, there’s no way you could have missed hearing about the raging California wildfires. The Station fire, as it’s been named, has burned through well over 160,000 acres north of Los Angeles. To date, that fire has claimed two lives, injured eight other people, destroyed over 100 buildings and has threatened thousands of homes and businesses. Perhaps even more disconcerting is the fact that the Station fire is only the eighth largest wildfire in California during the past century.

Forest fires occur virtually anywhere and at any time. California, Georgia, Florida, or New York, spring, summer, winter or fall; it really doesn’t matter, although hot and dry is the prhyme condition. Fires start from any number of natural sources, lightning being the main one, but arson and accidental fires are not uncommon either. What many people have a hard time understanding, though, is that fire is actually an important part of the natural forest cycle. Forest fires have been happening as long as there have been forests. A number of plants, including some of the big conifer trees, have evolved to require the heat of a fire in order to reproduce. Natural fires have always helped the health of forests; a quick wildfire burning through a forest would reduce deadwood, diseased trees, scrub and dried leaves, leaving the more vigorous trees unscathed with more room to grow. In other words, fires were Nature’s forest management tool. Mammoth fires on the scale of the Station fire that physically destroy absolutely everything in their path were relatively rare in the past. What’s changed in the equation is human intervention.

By constantly battling to put out any forest fires and fighting to preserve trees at all cost, humans have, in many cases, unwittingly created the ideal conditions for massive, destructive forest fires. Many progressive wood lot owners have turned to an unlikely ally to prevent this from happening. Logging companies, frequently demonized by conservationists, often have the expertise in forestry management that can help to prevent catastrophic forest fires. Using progressive techniques like selective thinning (which can also financially benefit the owner of the wood lot) or even controlled burns, these companies can restore a cluttered wood lot to a more natural state, removing excess fuel and helping ensure that any wildfires don’t spiral out of control.


HC Network Petrochemical News: “to stunt into the market, promote development through innovation” is the Dagang oil field logging company has been upheld by a great development with the new technology-driven path, the right to lead in this idea, the company actively involved in relevant research and staff technical upgrading and innovation, and new results are emerging.

DGK-1-based CNC production well logging system

The system logging process by the Institute of Dagang development of a new integrated computerized logging system, simple, compact and reasonable, the power allocation strong anti-interference ability, control, and with a pair of downhole Apparatus Power switch is simple and convenient and practical. Modular design of hardware devices, and defines the machine bus, various modules are inserted in the machine slot on the motherboard of the same run, the upgrade is simple and inexpensive to replace.

Equipment to Industrial Machine as the core, under the control of the computer’s real-time, downhole data through Cable Interface sent to the interface box, interface circuit of the corresponding box on the downhole equipment module sent to the signal denoising, separation, decoding, Plastic Processed into the computer, while computer controlled plotter records store data in real time, system application software interface with pull-down menus and multi-window graphical user interface and online help system with ready access to help support the application simple intuitive , the application software system robust and reliable, practical, to be completed by seven parameters, hole diameter, isotope, shed neutrons, electromagnetic flow, and other logging projects, can also be perforated according to customers need to configure the functionality (application-specific perforation ), and oil pipeline transportation of NC perforation perforation and many other work, as well as powerful software and hardware upgrades scalability. Compared with other similar instrument, the instrument hardware and software technology are at the advanced level.

Perforator diameter of 89 to improve 51 / 2 inch oil and gas well production casing new method

As oil exploration and development further, thin layer and the mining of sand more and more of the perforation of the increasingly high demand. To reduce the penetration depth in the low range, aperture index on the premise of hole density, to increase the discharge area, lower pressure, less sand, enhanced oil recovery, lower cost, oil and gas wells to achieve the best results the input-output , technology innovation has become a top priority. For now, the most used type of conventional perforator diameter of 89 domestic maximum hole density of 20 holes / m, had been unable to meet the oil production.

Port logging companies and technical personnel will be hole density greater than 26 holes / m, penetration depth greater than 400 mm, diameter not less than 8 mm, as a breakthrough innovation, research and development of a hole diameter of 89 higher density type perforator. The study has successfully passed the testing center in Daqing oil field perforating test, to resolve the thin and the sand in the perforation to find a new way.

Diameter of 32 mm high pressure and temperature combination of gamma magnetic positioning apparatus

Diameter of 32 mm high pressure and temperature combination of gamma magnetic positioning instrument is for the super-deep well, window wells and construction needs of small drill wells specifically developed. The instrument used in a casing part of the special steel high pressure Make , Temperature 175 , pressure indicator up to 150 MPa, in the 7,000 meters to ensure the instrument can be used around the wells. In circuit design, signal processing and signal amplification coupling part collection of high-thick blocks into the circuit, the instrument signal to sequential processing safe components removed in the past caused by the Weld, and insulated low potential causes of accidents. Instrument has in Xinjiang Shanan 1 Well (depth 6000 m), tower 54 wells (depth 5400 m) used in construction, are a successful, 100% pass rate data.

Through practical application of this instrument fully with the diameter of 38 mm and 50 mm in diameter combination of instruments comparable to the gamma magnetic orientation, more than 80 counts per second, apparatus fluctuation error is less than 10%.

Present, three new technologies and new methods have been successfully used in market practice with remarkable results. I want to comment

Salmon Fishing – What You Need To Know To Be Successful

Salmon Fishing - What You Need To Know To Be SuccessfulCatching fish is a fun filled experience, and if you decide to go salmon fishing, you will definitely be going after one of the most challenging fish in the world. Salmon come in a variety of types, living in both sea water and fresh water – they live throughout North America in a variety of locations. Here are a few tips that you can follow in regard to salmon fishing if you want to try it out.

Weighing up to 50 pounds, King Salmon are extremely large and are coveted by fishermen around the world. You want a good fight, hook a king salmon and see what happens! So if you do go fishing for king salmon, the equipment that you bring has to be heavy duty. Early morning activity is indicative of salmon, so you need to start fishing early in the morning if possible. Fishing just after sunset also works.

Taking someone with you that is experienced with King Salmon fishing is probably your best bet in regard to landing a fish if it is your very first time.

The issue of choosing fishing tackle, especially for salmon fishing, is something that you should give a lot of attention because it needs to be strong and sturdy. So if you’re fishing for salmon, buying cheap tackle is not a good idea. Fishing line needs to be somewhat invisible for this type of fishing. The fishing line that you use cannot be seen by the fish or they will go the other way. The top choice for many fishermen is Fluorocarbon line because it is so hard for the fish to see. So if you go salmon fishing, you need this line; it also does not get tangled very easily.

Salmon belong to the same fish family as trout, Salmonidae. Rainbow trout are actually salmon, and even though they are not trout, because they are in the same family, somehow this works. The location of salmon is actually quite broad in that it occupies areas of the Great Lakes, the North Atlantic, and Pacific Ocean. Each place that you can find salmon actually has a different variety of the fish making it fun to journey to different locations. You need to be diverse in regard to the type of tackle that you have when you go after the many different kinds of salmon as each one will require new equipment and strategies. The more that you do salmon fishing, the better you will get at it. Learning where the best fishing holes are, as well as the most modern and resourceful techniques, usually begins with getting to know fishermen that have this knowledge. The pressures of everyday life can get the best of you, however, if you start a pastime like salmon fishing, it will get you outside much more often.

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Three Types Of Gas Logs Used For A Fireplace

Gas logs for a fireplace are growing a lot in terms of popularity every single year. Because of this, manufacturers that are producing them are working on a lot of plans to meet the ever increasing demands from people. There are a lot to choose from such as freestanding gas stoves as well as contained fireplace units, apart from other varieties, which can be mounted on walls. However, these guys have one main problem, which is the residue that they produce. This generally fills up inside the interiors of your house, which isn’t something you need to happen.

Gas fireplace logs for a fireplace are now raising a lot of questions from people. They are available for set up for both propane gas and natural gas. If you’re going to use gas fireplace logs for a fireplace, you first need to have a wood burning fireplace alongside a decent chimney system installed.

There are three types of logs for a gas fireplace namely vented logs, vent free gas fireplace logs, and partially vented gas logs. Vented gas fireplace logs are considered as the most popular pick for most people today. They are mostly made with lengths that range from 12 inches to over 60 inches. Apart from having massive lengths, vented gas logs are also made with a selection of styles and finishes. Some varieties of vented logs are designed to use the more realistic wood fire substitute. The costs of vented logs mostly depend on how realistic they look. The more realistic the look of vented logs, the higher their prices.

Vented logs are considered a practical wood fire substitute too because any of them are designed to look like hickory, oak, birch, and other wood species. These types of gas logs may have a huge plus in terms of looks but they are on the lower end as compared to vent free logs and partially vented logs in terms of efficiency. This is so because vented logs cause 10% of the heat to return back inside the house while the rest is delivered up the chimney.

Vent free gas fireplace logs on the other hand are made with an oxygen depletion sensor, which is also referred to as an ODS. The ODS attached on vent free gas logs are designed to turn the gas off before carbon monoxide reach dangerous levels. This safety feature is a very affordable way for to put your mind at ease instead of having to waste time worrying about the levels of carbon dioxide that’s building up inside your house. Because of this highly advantageous feature, vent free gas logs are now slowly matching the number of sales that vented gsa logs get. The only issues with vent free gas logs is that; they don’t produce yellow flames and don’t look as realistic as vented logs.

Last in line are partially vented gas fireplace logs. They feature a combination of the features of both vented and vent free logs. Partially vented gas logs allow you to close your fireplace damper, which enables you to have lots of heat inside the room without causing by-products to fill up.